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In 2016 Brazil hosted the main sporting event on the planet, the Olympic Games and Deborah Colker is honored to be the Director of Movement responsible for the opening ceremony. Some of the shows of the Cia de Dança Deborah Colker, notably Rota and Velox work with artistic movements that refer to sports as a vehicle for expressive and organic freedom reflected in the Olympic spirit.

Deborah decided to put together parts of Velox, a show launched in 1975 and Rota in 1997, two of the greatest public successes of the Company, thus creating the show VeRo.


Dínamo, from the Deborah Colker Dance Company, unites two energy works: Velox, and Dínamo.

In 1995, a year after creating her company in Rio de Janeiro, Deborah Colker poured the wall on stage and put her dancers to defy the laws of physics.

“Bringing these two shows together is a way to close a cycle that unites sport and dance in what exists in common between them: energy, challenge, overcoming through the body. Both are universal languages ”, explains Deborah, always committed to exploring the infinite capacities of the body and movement.





From a European perspective on contemporary dance

Mix was born in Brazil, a show that promotes the fusion of Vulcão and Velox, the first two creations of the Deborah Colker Dance Company. Amid the curatorial process of the 6th edition of the Lyon Biennial of Dance, dedicated to Brazil, the Frenchman Guy Darmet, director of the event, went to check out the two ballets, was enchanted with both, and proposed to Deborah Colker to prepare, especially for the festival, a kind of medley of them.

Mixed with mastery by the choreographer from Rio and her sharp troupe of dancers, the raw and boiling feelings of Passion, the irony and elegance of the Parade, the reflections around the physics of movement, outlined in Machines and developed in Mechanics and Sonar , the babel of gestures and movements established in Cotidiano, and the electrifying vertical ballet of Mountaineering culminated in a third show, which would become one of the company's classics and leverage its projection on the international scene.

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